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Hits4pay is ranked Number ONE in our Get Paid to Read Programs.

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Htmail is ranked Number TWO in our Get Paid to Read Programs.

February 20, 2008

Issue # 4 of Money Base letter - Deals 'n' Cash

The Money Base Letter
Issue date: February 20, 2008 Issue Number: 0004


Deals 'n' Cash
will pay members to read e-mail, visit websites, shop online, and more!
Deals'n'Cash is a division of Multiple Stream Media Network (owner of and several other sites).
You could earn 2 to 5 cents for each advertiser's email that you read.
They have a moderately High minimum payout of $30, but the good news is that they give you a sign up bonus of $5 to make it easier for you to reach their minimum.
At first glance you will find that they have only one referral level but you will earn 2 cents for each email that your referrals read which means you will make 40% to 100% of your referrals income.

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DEALS 'n' CASH - Get paid to view ads

January 06, 2008

Why DonkeyMails? No Minimum Payout

We all Know the Famous Get Paid Program DonkeyMails

The truth is this program doesn't fit the strategy I advise to make money from Get Paid to Read Programs, but I am an active member with them do you know why?

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September 12, 2007

Issue # 3 of Money Base letter - Htmail Secret

The Money Base Letter

Issue date: September 12, 2007

Issue Number: 0003


First, it has been a long time since my last issue; well the reason is summer time & vacations. Now here I am again…. I hope that all my readers have enjoyed this summer.

In my previous issue I have spoken about Htmail.

Click here to go back and read the article.

Many of you have sent me emails asking why I gave it #2 rating!!!

Well The Program is unlike other programs that most of you are used to join.

Each email they send will give you 10 Cents; it was obvious that you are receiving very few emails from Htmail

Htmail requires that you write down in your profile your Interests and Hobbies, so instead of picking yours from predetermined Interests you will bear the hassle of thinking and writing them down.

Most of Htmail members put very few interests and end up receiving less emails than anticipated.

That is why I decided to send you the keywords list that is compiled based on Htmail ads targeting categories.

Now you can enjoy more $0.1 emails and more income.

As I said above the secret to receive all of Htmail paid emails is by choosing the right keywords that Htmail uses to categorize the interests and topics for their advertisers. Most people don't receive many emails because they don't choose the right interests.

All you have to do is add this list of interests to your Htmail profile:

Hobbies and Interests:

Watching TV
Going Out
Drinking Beer
Animal Lover
Clothes & Fashion
Computer Gamers
Diet & Weight
Health & Herbal
Music Rock Pop
New Age And Astrology
All Outdoor Hobbies
Stocks & Shares
Competition Fans

Favorite sports:
American Football
Formula 1
Martial Arts
Motor Sports
Horse Racing


List of lifestyle issues that interest you:
Webmaster Tools

Online advertising
Sports betting

Good luck

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April 30, 2007

Issue # 2 of Money Base letter - Htmail

The Money Base Letter

Issue date: May 1, 2007

Issue Number: 0002


The first question we usually ask someone who follow the Get Paid to Read Programs is:
Do you Know Htmail? In this issue we will introduce Htmail and will reveal Why Htmail is one of the highly paying Programs over the net

You can know why if you guess at what year did this company started this business?

Well in 1997.

Yes!! this is the first Get paid to read company and they are still working today, they started on a postal mail basis before the internet era, and they still have the mail system working where you can get paid to receive postal mails from advertisers.

You are credited for each email US $0.10 (UK £0.05) if you click a link in the email ads to go to the advertisers web site and return their feedback form or US $0.01 (UK £0.01) if you do not visit and just return the code number from the advertisers email - but you also get US $0.05 (UK £0.03) for each feedback form returned by someone you referred & an additional US $0.02 (UK £0.01) for each feedback form returned by Their referrals. So that is 50% for your first level and 20% for your second level. You can also earn $0.01/£0.01 each time a member you referred is included on a postal (snail) mailing.

Their minimum payout is US $25.00 (or UK £15.00) if you wish to be paid by check or US $15.00 (UK £10.00) if you wish to be paid by Paypal.

Typical earnings currently are between $1.00 and $3.00 per month. For people living in US or UK, some people earn significantly less - and some much more - it depends on the interests you have chosen.

My advice Keep your profile updated and you will make a lot of cash.

Comparing to other programs that sends you sometimes 50 emails to receive $0.10 Htmail is far better.
Don't hesitate it is all up to you either you make money or you don't.

Good Luck

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Important Note:
Now that you have joined Htmail, I have for you a good news in one of my next issues I will reveal a small secret to increase your income from this program. If you can't wait to read it in a next issue just
send us a blank email to secret

April 10, 2007

Issue # 1 of Money Base letter - Hits4pay

The Money Base Letter

Issue date: April 1, 2007

Issue Number: 0001


I am Glad to introduce you to one of the highly paying Programs over the net:


"Multiple Stream" a New York based Advertising company started Hits4pay on April 2000, and since it has became one of the best programs in the Get Paid to read emails industry, you will notice from the ads they send that they are not like other programs.

Hits4pay is famous for its high reward, each mail is worth $0.02 so don't expect to receive more than 15 to 30 emails per week and sometimes less, it depends on the interests in your profile.

They have a moderately High minimum payout of $25, but the good news is that they give you a sign up bonus of $10 to make it easier for you to reach their minimum, and another great thing is your referral bonus which is 50% for both 1st & 2nd level.

Now how much does it take from your time? The truth is: barely anything.

Why? Because their emails are not bothering at all, you will not receive 100 emails a day for tiny fractions of cents like other programs. Depending on the interests you have chosen you will receive 10 to 15 emails per week when your membership starts later the number of emails would accelerate.

Important Tip: you can read your mail in the site mail box and every month or so change the interests in your profile to receive all their campaigns' emails and Make More Money!!

Now a little math: First forget about the 10$ sign up bonus, if you are in the US or Canada and don't have referrals you need around 6 months of clicking to accumulate $25 but suppose you had only 2 1st level referrals so the time to make the $25 will drop to 3 months now how much can you make with 8 1st level referrals? The answer is you will receive $25 every 1 and a half months so the upside potential of making money with Hits4pay is huge...

Keep this in your mind


Good Luck

April 07, 2007

What is the best way to have more Referrals for My Get Paid to Read Programs?

Like most people using paid to read websites you are probably looking to earn a little pocket money, well first the programs we recommend makes you money over a certain amount of time, but a time will come and you would ask yourself am I earning as much as I ‘d like?

I am sure you would like to earn more, but how?

To maximize the money you are making form GPTR you have to find referrals. You can earn more with referrals than what you can earn by yourself and with a lot of referrals you can earn a lot more.

Getting referrals sounds easy!!! But the reality proves that it is a hard task to achieve for most people.

I will return to the beginning MoneyBase picks reward well without referrals than by the time if referrals came that would be great if not nothing is lost still getting money from the programs.

If your program is not from our picks, you need to research it carefully and try it first don't even promote a program that you might feel that it is not a good one, after testing and seeing what it would give and receive payment, start to promote the program. This is what Money Base do and you should also do the same.

The best way is to advertise to get referrals but before that as a first step contact your friends, family members, and colleagues they will support you more than others that you don’t know and they will be the base of your downline after building your referral base try advertising all kind o advertising is legal except spamming and deceiving people by promising unreal returns.

Moneybase experience grows by sharing your ideas and comments are very important please let us hear from you

What is the best Strategy to make more money from the Get Paid to Read Programs?

Strategy we stick to and suggest everyone follow to be successful:

The world of get paid to do anything on the net from reading to clicking, to surfing, etc. … is full of scam

So first we do our research to know the webmaster or the company behind the program, forums are full of complaints and applauses of programs so first better see members' feedback.

Clicking time is called “prime time” simply because Time = Money

So the best thing to do is join and stick to programs that give the highest pay per click ratio that means more money in a lesser time.

Devote half an hour or so daily to do the clicks. Some programs might not take more than two minutes of your time daily. Clicking emails could be done while doing regular surfing or reading your personal or business emails so you won’t waste your time.

At the beginning amounts are small be patient and consistent these small will add up to cover your yearly connection fees then time will pass and you will be more professional at the same time you can read emails on several programs and have referrals and your earnings might provide the extra income you need for your next vacation trip!!!

When reading emails tab browsing is extremely important to read and click fast many emails at the same time. The new IE explorer 6.0 have this feature, but the best browser that have tab browsing from a long time is Firefox. It is the only Browser I use to spend less time clicking.
If you still don't have it, you can download it directly from my blog, it takes three minutes of your time but worth it for faster browsing

Do you Squidoo?


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You must know who are your visitors. Get 30 days of FREE traffic analysis !

Web-Stat web traffic analysis

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The Best Browser for Get Paid to Read

Brand Institute


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